FRAGOFF Public Meeting on how to object effectively

FRAGOFF are holding a public meeting next week following the recent Planning Application to build houses on Green Belt land in Formby (See the last post on this Blog for the full details of the application).

The full 'call to action' is published below.

FRAGOFF Public Meeting on How to Object Effectively Wednesday 28th August Formby British Legion 7-9pm

The plans are in and we are preparing for the fight, with this in mind FRAGOFF are holding a Public Meeting to discuss David Wilson Homes Plans for the Liverpool Rd Site and suggest the strongest ways to object to this Development.

Come along, there will be an opportunity to write your objection on the night, if you've done so already and wish to bring it along we will hand deliver them to the Planning office in Bootle so you can be sure they have reached their target.

We are in discussion with a firm of planning consultants, who will help us put forward the strongest case possible as well as our own local experts who will represent us at the Planning Committee hearing, so come along there will be plenty to discuss I hope to see you there.

Funds! Funds! Funds!

Everyone is entitled to object and we are urging that everyone does so. However, as an organisation, FRAGOFF has amassed a large amount of information upon which to base a strong objection. In order that this objection is presented in its most effective form we feel that we need to employ the services of professional Planning Consultants. As you may imagine, this would not be a cheap exercise. We have, at present, enough funds from our bucket collection to start the ball rolling but we will need significantly more to see the process through to its conclusion. All funds collected will be used in the protection of Greenbelt.

We are therefore calling upon all our supporters, and anyone who objects to this, or any development of Greenbelt, to generously donate to our funds. There is no guarantee that we will win. However, if we don’t try then we will definitely lose.

Please be as generous as you can. This may be our best chance to halt the development and the consequent loss of our Greenbelt. All funds collected will be used in the protection of Greenbelt.

-- Maria Bennett