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Formby Planning Applications

Formby Planning Applications 23 - 27 September 2013

Harington Ward

3A Brows Lane Formby

Proposal : Alterations to the front forecourt to form a car park with associated works

Ravenmeols Ward

11 Dukes Way Formby

Proposal : Repositioning of existing 2m high fence along Dukes Way elevation

 (Source: Accessed 30 September 2013)

The Vikings Are Coming

This page will be updated daily until Saturday when the Vikings arrive.

The Vikings Set Up Camp

VikingSetUp1This is my last post in this series.

Here's Tony Higginson of Formby Books along with volunteers from The Dove Trust setting up the first of a number of tents and marquees.

Later this evening the 'real' Vikings and their goods and chattels will arrive. So if you hear sounds of unusual activity in a normally quiet part of Formby be assured this time The Vikings come in peace.

From 10 am tomorrow the camp and market will be alive and bustling with activity. There will be lots to see and do, why not come and see for yourself.

For all of the details have a look at The Formby Books web site.

Published Friday 4 October 5.40 pm

Hnefatafl:  A Formby Version!

Leonid Kolassa one of the organisers behind The Viking Medieval Market writes:

FormbyHnefataflI have researched the 1600 year old game and come up with a set of playable rules and provided an understandable historical context which helps to understand the game better. As a result I have created a Fornebei Version which you can see first hand on Saturday and play - we are also running a Fornebei Hnefatafl Tornament for the first time!

Tony Higginson of Formby books has also taken the game into schools where it has gone down really well with the pupils - its one of those games that does appeal as it is easy to learn, simple but strategically fascinating.

We have started a Fornebei Hnefatafl Club (Herfólk) which mets on a Wednesday evening.

Leonid Kolassa

Published Friday 4 October 10.45 am


Published: Thursday 3 October 4.50 pm

Is There A Peaceful Side To The Vikings?


The King
Hnefatafl Board Game
Well they liked games and 'Hnefatafl' is a good example. According to some it ranks as one of history's greatest board games. It's known that the Vikings played a version as early as AD400.


The name 'Hnefatafl' means  'The King's Table' and the point of the game is to capture the King. His piece starts at the centre of the board and is surrounded by his followers. The King has to be moved to any of the corners of the board. His followers try to prevent the opposing pieces (pictured) from blocking and isolating the King in a square. Once that happens the game is over.

Published: Thursday 3 October 12.30 pm

It's Peaceful And Quiet Before The Viking Invasion 


 This small piece of land behind the Gild Hall will come alive this Saturday when the Viking and Medieval Market opens.

The event is a welcome return to Formby. There's already a buzz of comment on the internet and Twitter.

The last time anything like this happened was in 1999/2000 when a small group of local residents planned to celebrate the turn of the century and the dawn of a new Millenium with the first Viking invasion of Formby for a thousand years or more.

Make sure you don't miss this event this year. The more it's supported the more likely it'll become a welcome annual event in Formby.

Wednesday 2 October 1.00 pm

The Viking Longship


Tuesday 1 October 5.45 pm

Preparing for The Vikings

Bill Esterson MP has done his bit:

Tuesday 1 October 2.15 pm

So too has Carla:

Tuesday 1 October  2.15 pm

Can you hear Vikings as they approach?

One of the most popular films in the 1950's was called The Vikings it starred Kirk Douglas as Einar, Tony Curtis as Erik, Ernest Borgnine as Ragnar and Janet Leigh as Morgana.

Even today it is regularly broadcast on Satellite Television. It has a most memorable soundtrack including the sound of Viking Horns announcing the presence of the Vikings.


Monday 30 September 2.15 pm

The Viking Event

Is an initiative by local residents and Formby Books more 

The Vikings are coming......



Monday 30 September 10.00 am


Formby Future Health Issues Highlighted

I spent most of an afternoon recently observing the monthly meeting of Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG):

Here's a very revealing graphic I've extracted from one of the 300+ page agenda items. 

This is the age profile of the GP registered patients in the Southport and Formby CCG practices. It clearly shows a declining population between the ages of 0 - 39 years compared to the rest of England.

It also illustrates the dramatic increase in the aging population from 55 - 85+ compared to the rest of England. I recently heard a spokeperson from Sefton suggest that our CCG area is leading a national trend and 

Our area is a reflection of what the UK will look like in 25 years time

The implications are enormous for a whole host of reasons, healthcare and costs, family support, appropriate housing, access to services, shops and transport for the increasingly frail. I'm sure you can add to this list.

Our local planners, politicians and service providers have work to do.

This information and more is available on the Southport and Formby CCG web site.

Our Governing Body members meet in public every two months to discuss and agree our work. They make descisions about NHS SFCCG’s work on behalf of all member GP practices.

Anyone with an interest in local health is welcome to come along and listen to the discussions at these meetings. To confirm your attendance at a future meeting, please call 0151 247 7000.

Papers will be available to download from the links below prior to meetings:

If you're concerned and interested why not join me at these meetings there's an opportunity to ask questions in the period just before the start of formal business. If you've a question you want me to ask let me know.


Formby Edible Garden project seeks Waitrose customer support


The Edible Formby Project is trying to meet a variety of goals, such as:

  • To encourage and increase food growing in gardens in Formby
  • To set up a demonstration plot on the grounds of Formby Swimming Pool
  • To promote a wider interest in food consumption and support local food production

More details are on the web site

I'm closely involved with this project which is in its second year, can I urge you to support it via the Waitrose'Community Matters' process?

Thank you.