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Schools out and summer camps are starting.

If you're like me and many other parents and grandparents you'll be giving some thought to the question 'What are we going to do with the children'? Here's one suggestion: 

Sefton Council considering future of land at Furness Avenue

Sefton Council are considering the following decision.

Sefton LogoTo advise of a proposal to transfer the Council’s ownership of property adjacent to Furness Avenue, Formby in return for rights of access into adjoining former school playing fields.

The decision is due to  be made by Cllr Paul Tweed, the Sefton Cabinet Member for Corporate Services And Performance. The property involves the toilets in the car park

According to the report:

The Council will benefit from a significant enhancement in the value of its neighbouring land.

Further it writes:

What consultations have taken place on the proposals and when?

The Head of Corporate Finance and ICT(FD3060/14) has been consulted and notes the report indicates no adverse direct financial implications for the Council’s budget.
The report states transfer will remove long-standing holding-costs , including NNDR (in excess of £ 2,000 per annum) and in turn is likely to produce a significant capital receipt for any subsequent grant of rights over the Council’s property.
The Head of Corporate Legal Services (LD 2365/14) has been consulted and comments have been incorporated in the report.

In essence this is about 'land ransom strips' held by Sefton and the Furness Road land owners. If they negotiate the exchange of these parcels of land then value can accrue to both land owners.

As the owner of the former Holy Trinity and St Peters School playing fields Sefton will gain further 'Capital Value' should they sell it. As far as I can determine no consultation has taken place and any economic advantage only goes to Sefton and not Formby.

I have written to Sefton asking if they consulted Formby Parish Council, the Central Sefton Area Committee or any individual Sefton Ward Councillor for Formby. I am still waiting for a reply.