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Formby Parish Council Meeting

Central Sefton Area Committee Meeting

The Central Sefton Area Committee meets on 3 September at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre, Cambridge Road, Waterloo, L22 1RR starting at 6.30pm.

SeftonLogoMembers of the public are welcome and there are opportunities to participate in the Public Forum.

This is a period of 20 minutes (or longer at the discretion of the Chair) set aside for a Public Forum.
Members of the public can ask questions, raise matters, or present petitions on issues that are relevant to Sefton Council.  The person asking a question will be allowed one supplementary question.
A question form indicating the person’s name and address must be completed and submitted to the Committee Administrator as soon as possible and by no later than 15 minutes before the meeting starts i.e. before 6.15 p.m. or by 3.00 p.m. for faxed (0151 934 2034) or on-line submissions http://forms.sefton.gov.uk/openforumquestion/
Question forms can be obtained from the Committee Administrator prior to the meeting.
If the questioner does not attend the meeting or nominate a representative to attend (at the discretion of the Chair), the question will not be read out, but a written response will be forwarded to the questioner. If a response to a question cannot be provided at the meeting, the Neighbourhoods Division will contact the relevant department for a formal response and the resident will be contacted directly in writing

At tonights meeting there is an item about accessability in Formby Town Centre.

2.0 Proposed Formby Area Accessibility Improvements

2.1 The project area ....... has identified a number of areas where the pedestrian environment could be improved. Formby town centre is accessed by a number of previously constructed walking and cycling routes, this proposal is to improve accessibility for the mobility impaired, improve safety and support the local economy.

2.2 The proposals for the Formby area are in various locations and include:

  • The construction of dropped crossings and tactile paving in order to improve accessibility for the mobility impaired to Formby Railway Station
  • At a variety of sites in the village.
  • At the roundabout junction of Freshfield Road/Duke Street/Formby Bridge/Kings Road, it is also proposed to widen and improve the pedestrian refuges.

2.3 As there are no properties directly affected by this scheme no public consultation was required.