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Laugh out loud in the Art Gallery

It's not often I burst into loud laughter, particularly in an 'Art Gallery. I was unable to resist on my recent visit to the Atkinson in Southport.

I felt so guilty that I turned around on a couple of occasions just to check I wasn't becoming an nuisance. If you get the chance you must go and see it. Postcards may be small but some of these created a very 'hearty response'.

Artists’ Postcards from 1960 to the present day from Jeremy Cooper’s Collection

Postcards ExhibitionAn exhibition of over 200 of the late twentieth centuries’ most famous artist’s work is on display at The Atkinson as part of the exhibition – Wish You Were Here?

Selected from Jeremy Cooper’s major artists’ postcards collection, Wish you were here? Presents works by a number of major contemporary artists including a rare postcard made by John Lennon and David Hockney’s only artist postcard.

Featuring over 200 artists including ........

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