Sefton Council Rejects More Pedestrian Crossings in Formby

Pedestrian ControlMy first foray into public life involved setting up a petition asking for a pedestrian crossing on Southport Road.

Eventually I became interested in local politics and I stood for election on 3 May 1979. It's illuminating that the same issues are still being discussed 35 years later.

Here's an extract for the latest reports on pedestrian crossings in Formby.

In order for a pedestrian crossing to be justified at any given location, vehicle and pedestrian surveys are undertaken. These surveys are carried out between 8am and 6pm on a weekday during the school term, which is when both traffic and pedestrian flows can be expected to be at their highest level.

The results are then calculated for each hour using the Department for Transport (DfT) formula PV2, where P represents the number of pedestrians crossing the road and V represents the number of vehicles travelling along the road. An average of the 4 highest hourly figures are taken, which must exceed 0.5 x 108 in order for the site to be considered for inclusion in the Pedestrian
Crossing Review Programme.
The Traffic and pedestrian surveys were carried out in March 2014

These are the outcomes for sites investigated in Formby.

Southport Road, Formby (Adjacent to Deansgate Lane) – 9.4m wide bus route. Possible siting problems due to existing driveways and bus stop. Repeated requests for crossing for school children and bus passengers.
Recommended for pedestrian refuge.

Duke Street, Formby (Outside park entrance) – 6.8m wide carriageway on a bus route, which may require waiting restrictions either side of any potential pedestrian refuge to allow buses to squeeze through.
May have issues with adjoining residents but recommended for pedestrian refuge.

Liverpool Road, Formby (By Marina Road) – This is an existing Zebra Crossing, and was included with the review in order to convert it to a Puffin Crossing.
The low PV2 value does not warrant conversion to a Puffin.

I've always been puzzled by the way that survey figures always seem to outweigh commonsense - what do you think?

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