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Latest Met Office Forecast

Here's the latest Met Office forecast, it doesn't look good tomorrow. Take care.

Icy stretches are likely to form on untreated surfaces on Friday evening, overnight and into Saturday morning. In addition, further accumulation of snow are likely on high ground, especially across the northern half of the yellow area. The public should be aware of the risk of difficult driving conditions


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Sports For Children February Half-Term

Sports Cubed Feb 2015

We are providers of fun and inventive multi sports for children aged 4-11 years old. Our primary aim is to enhance the social development of each child through our sports curriculum, whilst understanding the importance of our values; consideration, appreciation and respect.

We are passionate about the role sport plays in children developing their social awareness. We believe in sport being played in a positive atmosphere, demonstrating our Sports3 values at all times. Our sessions create a fun and enjoyable environment, which allows each child to confidently perform the drills and tasks of our exciting sports curriculum.

Our three main sports consist of football, dodgeball and cricket; however we are proud to introduce a contemporary influence in the delivery of these sports. We believe every child is capable of great achievement, which is demonstrated through the structure of our sessions: practice, strategically plan, perform and reflect. Child safety is our primary concern which is reflected in our stringent policies and procedures relating to child protection, first aid and health and safety.

Sports3 February half term camp

Monday 16th - Friday 20th February

Greenbank High School, Southport, 9am-3pm
Clarence House, Freshfield, 9am-3pm

Our holiday camps bring children aged 4-11 from different schools together, to enjoy sport the Sports3 way.

We are passionate about the structure and delivery of our sessions, as we believe each child will not only enjoy participating in dodgeball, football and cricket; they will learn key social skills and embrace our Sports3 Values: Consideration, Appreciation, Respect.

We structure our camps to improve your child/rens experience. Our themed day structure consists of:

Sports3 Monday Mathematics (sports games containing maths)
Sports3 Teamwork Tuesday
Sports3 Wacky Wednesday (fun and creative games)
Sports3 Tactical Thursday (challenging and strategic games)
Sports3 Fun and Fitness Friday (Fun and active sports containing fitness and nutrition education).