The Borrowed Days Of March

When I was a child I was told that 'March comes roaring in like a lion and goes out like a lamb'.

This year it seems the order is mixed up.

There's and old traditional saying that 'March borrows three days from April' and therefore the last three days of March are known as 'Borrowed Days'.

BreweryLaneDaffs2Give me (says March) three days of warmth and sunshine for my poor lambs whilst they are yet too tender to bear the roughness of my wind and rain, and you shall have them repaid when the wool is grown. [North of Ireland, 1852]

And here's another variation on the theme, which seems most appropriate for today.

March borrowed of April
Three days, and they were ill
The one was sleet, the other of snow
The third was the worst that e'er did blow.

Roll on the 1st of April, I say - oh dear that's April Fools Day!