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Formby Arms Inn Serving the Community

Officers from the Royal Engineers conducting the 1845 Ordnance Survey record the existence of the Formby Arms Inn.

Formby Arms Inn 1
According to the Ordnance Survey map published in 1848, this building is sited on a place designated as the Formby Arms Inn. I cannot confirm if this was the original building, but I suspect part of the current house was the Inn. The large section of the building to the left has a date stone incorporated into the fascia. This shows the date AD MDCCCLXIV which is the year 1864. So I think that section might be an extension to the original building.

Where's the evidence that the building was an Inn? The answer is shown below:

Formby Arms Inn
This extract from the Ordnance map was surveyed in 1845-6 by Captains Hamley and Stanley, both Royal Engineers. The map was 'contoured' in 1847 by Lieutenant Barlow, RE this is a reference to the Bench Mark (BM 32.4) and engraved in 1845 under the direction of Captain Yelland at the Ordnance Map Office in Southampton.

As I wrote in an earlier story the community of the 'Old Town', now known as Freshfield, was well served in 'matters of the spirit. The map illustrates the importance of these two buildings as 'centres of community'.


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