Formby Today : 4 July
Formby Parish Council Meeting

Police Report Burglaries in Freshfield

MerseysideNow 2016
The police have just published the following using their Community Message system

Overnight (30th June – 1st July) we had 3 burglaries reported in Freshfield Road, Barkfield Lane & St Peters Avenue, Formby. In each instance, offenders entered the properties via insecure (unlocked) rear doors. Yes! the properties were left insecure overnight whilst the occupiers were at home.

During the summer months, opportunist thieves often see open windows and doors as an easy target. To help keep your property and valuables safe, there are a number of things you MUST do to support us:

•    Always shut your windows and lock your doors when you’re going out, or away on holiday.
•    Check your front and back doors are secure even when you’re in, particularly overnight whilst sleeping.
•    If you have a door with multi-point locking, such as a UPVC door, make sure you lift the handle, turn the key and then remove it.
•    If you’ve got an alarm, make sure you use it when you’re out. Light timer switches are a good idea too.
•    If you have a shed and/or garage, please make sure you lock and secure it. If possible, use a security device such as an alarm.

Burglars are opportunists, so please don’t make it easy for them.

If you have any information about crime, call us on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555-111. They are a national charity independent to the police. You won’t be asked your name, just what you know.

Please be reassured that your Neighbourhood Policing Team is doing everything possible to reduce crime further. By looking after your property and keeping an eye out on your street you can help us bring it down to