Latest Police Bulletin

Here's the latest Merseyside Police bulletin for Formby 

MerseynowliveTackling ASB in the vicinity of Duke Street Park will be the neighbourhood quarterly priority.

We would like to thank these of you who managed to attend the meeting and the numerous Have Your Say online submissions. When we are not doing our core duties we will work with the local community to address the problem.

In recent months this has included many calls in respect of nuisance cyclist and motorbikes and some reported drug dealing and use. We will report back via the newsletter, Police website and Merseynow. I few separate issues were raised in relation to speeding at various locations, poor parking and cycling. We will do what we can about these also. The concerns raised did not come as a surprise as we tend to find that problems are reported as they occur or raised at the community meetings the team does attend.

In an emergency dial 999, none emergency 101. You can also provide information about crime and ASB anonymously to crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. The date for the next meeting has not yet been set. Can you please carry on submitting ideas on the Police website.