Pub-goers can enjoy a January Sale at The Lifeboat in Formby.

Manager Ashleigh-Jane Bauress is reducing the price on a range of drinks at the pub in Three Tuns Lane.

From Tuesday January 3 until Wednesday January 18 inclusive.

Wetherspoons January Sale LiveThe range of drinks featured in the sale are; a real ale (Sharp's Doom Bar), a craft beer (Shipyard), one lager (Coors Light), two ciders (Strongbow Dark Fruit and Magners), three wines from Coldwater Creek (red, white and rose), three spirits; Gordon's gin, Smirnoff vodka, Bacardi rum (inclusive of a mixer), two soft drinks; SanPellegrino (Aranciata Rossa and Limonata) and Monster (Energy, Ultra and Ripper), Guinness as well as takeaway Lavazza filter coffee and tea.

The sale prices include

  • a pint of Sharp's Doom Bar at £2.29,
  • a pint of Coors Light at £2.49,
  • a glass of Coldwater Creek wine (175ml glass) at £2.55,
  • a pint of Guinness at £2.99,
  • Gordon's gin (single measure with mixer) at £2.80,
  • SanPellegrino at 95p
  • and a takeaway cup of Lavazza filter coffee at 79p.

Ashleigh-Jane said:

Department stores and shops hold their sale in January, so it is the perfect time to have a sale in the pub too.

The range of drinks on sale in the pub is aimed at suiting a wide variety of tastes.

I believe that the January Sale will prove popular with our customers.

As always, staff at the pub will serve customers responsibly.

(Source: direct communication from Wetherspoons)