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Embassy Building Planning Applications Provokes Twitter Comment

A recent tweet from @PaperDollyLynn which reported,

@seftoncouncil have insisted they replace the roof feature. The application for planning permission (DC/2017/02361) includes this plus removal of the 1928 Art Deco frames and the beautiful coloured and textured glass, for aluminium frames.

has stimulated a lively conversation on the Twitter platform.

The following is an extract from the application heritage statement. There are other documents (8 in total) associated with this application and includes a Heritage Statement. I recommend that it should be read in its entirety.  

Embassy Building 2


It is proposed that the existing timber windows be replaced with new high-quality PPC aluminium windows. The existing windows are in very poor condition, with extensive wet rot making them beyond repair, leaving replacement as the only viable solution.

The new aluminium windows use a variety of differently sized profiled sections, including a very slender 21mm wide one, to reproduce as closely as possible the existing mullion arrangement. The windows have their powder-coated (PPC) finish applied in the factory. This needs neither site finishing nor regular repainting.A straightforward like for like replacement using new bespoke softwood single-glazed windows was considered but this was not desirable for a number of reasons.

In particular, their poor thermal performance would not be compliant with building regulations without the use of a costly and inconvenient secondary glazing system, and also the ongoing maintenance requirements when using painted timber in a climatically aggressive coastal environment.

The windows’ design, with numerous very slender glazing bars, makes it impossible to accurately replicate them using a modern engineered timber window system’s chunky section sizes.

(Source: http://pa.sefton.gov.uk/online-applications/files/C20222D7FB9F02A60B45FE3E933947DB/pdf/DC_2017_02361-1511-002_HERITAGE_STATEMENT-1764537.pdf )

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Application Reference: DC/2017/02361Address: Embassy Building 51A Piercefield Road Formby Liverpool L37 7DGProposal: Replacement of existing first floor windows, new high level vent, re-decoration of existing facade and relaying of existing car park.Case Officer: Mrs Joy Forshaw

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