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Formby: Spot the differences 1888 - 2018

I was browsing an old map of Formby recently and the longer I looked at it the more I noticed significant differences between now and then. (Click on the Map to view in more detail).

Formby Station Composite

The map was surveyed and published between 1888 and 1893. It's just a fragment from a map of the whole of Lancashire. This particular image is a composite made with three screenshots, carefully arranged to ensure that the joins are as invisible as possible 

Nonetheless, there are some interesting features, I wonder whether you'll notice more than me.

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Tell me what you find and any other observation you want to add.

I hope you enjoy this puzzle to start the week.


Thanks for the comment, your Dad must one of the relatively few residents who live in a Street in Formby.
Some of us involved with the Formby Business Partnership are working on a village heritage map.
I suspect your Dad may have some very useful memories.
I'm going to post a number of these map extracts during 2018, keep reading.

Sean Brady

My father lived in Altys Cottage in 1949-1950. Since 1966 he has lived in Formby Street. He remembers a lot of Formby before all the changes. Also living at Greenloons Farm for many years. Nice to see this map. Thank you.

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