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Formby Parish Council September Meeting

Formby Parish Council meets after the summer break.


FPC Cllrs
Members and Clerk of FPC (Source FPC Website)

Members of Formby Parish Council have been summoned to a full meeting of the Council this evening at 7.00 pm in Formby Library. Members of the public are always welcome to attend these meetings, the agenda is suspended for a period to allow them to ask questions or raise issues.

The agenda is posted below:

Notice of Meeting

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council, which will be held at Formby Library, Duke Street, Formby, on Tuesday 4 September 2018, at 7.00pm. 

Claire Jenkins

Clerk to Formby Parish Council


1.0 To receive Apologies

2.0 To Receive Declarations of Interest

3.0 Public Forum (the meeting will be adjourned for this item)

4.0 Previous Minutes

4.1 To consider and approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 3 July 2018.

5.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting – for information only

6.0 Planning Applications – Sefton’s weekly list email, also available on Sefton Council’s website.

6.1 To note current position on Formby Development Sites in Sefton’s Local Plan.

7.0 To discuss and resolve the following:

7.1 To discuss the meeting convened by Sefton Council highways regarding the Chapel Lane trees.

7.2 To approve expenditure of approximately £500 to purchase spring bulbs for the village planters.

7.3 To approve a grant of £2,500 for the publication of a book to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the end of WW1 as an historical piece of research into life in Formby at the time of the conflict.

7.4 To approve a grant of £750 to Frack Free Formby towards the cost of a traffic survey to include the Formby by-pass and the junction with Tesco, provided the survey is made available for parish council use.  

7.5 To note the External Auditor Report and certificate for the conclusion of audit for the year ending 31 March 2018. The Annual Governance and Accountability Return has been completed in accordance with Proper Practices and there are no matters to draw to the attention of the authority. 

8.0 To authorise Payments (enclosed)

9.0 Chairman’s Report  

10.0 To receive the following reports 

            Clerk’s report

            General Projects Group minutes

            Environment Group minutes

            Finance Group minutes

11.0 Date of Next Ordinary Meeting– Tuesday 2 October 2018 to be held in the Meeting Room, Formby Library at 7pm