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Enjoy St George's Day


St George and the Dragon 2

Fire crews have been called to a large fire at Formby woods.

Crews were alerted at 2.41pm and were delayed by heavy traffic in the area.

5 fire engines are in attendance at a fire of approximately 1000 square metres involving pine trees located at Formby Golf club. Firefighters are locating water sources and liasing with national trust rangers and golf club staff.

The incident is ongoing.


Fire crews have greatly reduced the intensity and spread of the fire using beaters, axes, hoses and shovels in extremely hot conditions.

Please be aware.

On high days and holidays, whenever the weather is good, there are always major issues with car parking and access to the beach in Formby. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment and park your vehicle so as not to cause inconvenience to local residents or pedestrians.

Is Formby being overwhelmed by visitors?

Read more about proposed solutions.

St Lukes Road Parking

A Thought for Easter and Beyond



‘The need to develop a mutually enhancing mode of human presence to the natural world will be a central concern in every phase of human activity’


Thomas Berry, ‘When the trees say nothing’



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