Enjoy Your Bank Holiday (If Possible)

The sun is shining as promised and it's going to be a good day. BUT...

NTFormby Entrance
I think I can guarantee this quiet entrance will become a scene of chaos and anger very shortly. On days like today, the world seems to want to drive through this narrow lane, AND it takes hours!

Victoria Road will be full of stationary vehicles the neighbouring estates will be piled high with badly parked cars, blocked drives. Weary residents, frazzled laden visitors. Formby is the most natural gateway to the sea, the sun and the sand for so much of Merseyside and the wider region.

We've got to find a solution. Yesterday I felt sorry for everyone. The Trust, the residents, the emergency services and the Visitors.

How much longer have, we all to got to suffer this on high days and holidays?

Just one small example, I came across a small car full of family, husband, wife, children and Granny, all sweltering. The old lady was very distressed and wheelchair dependent. They'd been in the car on Larkhill Lane near the junction with Victoria Road for around an hour. In front of them, another 50 vehicles waiting in turn for someone else to leave. Nowhere to go, no movement, no information, the promise of the earlier day turning into a most unpleasant experience.

This scene happens every year I was commenting on it three years ago, Sefton has disposed of the problem. The NT Formby with a mandate to increase visitor numbers seems stuck for a solution, and we've heard nothing from our local Parish Councillors, they know what they don't want but seem bereft of positive suggestions or plans for the future.

How much longer have, we all to got to suffer this on high days and holidays?

It's May Day

May Day

Today is May Day and also the annual meeting day of Formby Parish Council.

The Annual Meeting of the Formby Parish Council will be held at Formby Library, Duke Street, Formby on Tuesday 1 May 2018 at 7pm.

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the Meeting as set out hereunder. 

Claire Jenkins
Clerk to Formby Parish Council


1.0 To elect a Chairman for 2018-19, who will then sign the “Declaration of Acceptance of Office”

2.0 To elect a Vice Chairman 2018-19, who will then sign the “Declaration of Acceptance of Office”

3.0 To receive apologies for absence

4.0 To receive declarations of interest

5.0 Public Forum (the meeting will be adjourned for this item) 

6.0 To consider and approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 3 April 2018 – (enclosed) 

7.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting – for information only 

8.0 To receive the retiring Chairman’s Annual Report

9.0 To appoint representatives to the following:

Central Sefton Area Committee
Sefton Rights of Way Group
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Beachsafe 2018 

10.0 To agree Cllrs roles in respect of:·   

Finance Group·   
General Projects Group·   
Environment Group

11.0 To resolve that the Council meets the criteria set out by the Secretary of State in Parish Councils (General Power of Competence) (Prescribed Conditions) Order 2012. Note - At the time of the resolution the number of councillors elected at the last election, or subsequent by-election must equal or exceed two thirds of the total seats; the Clerk must hold one of two sector-specific qualifications: CiLCA or the level Four qualification from the University of Gloucestershire  and must have passed section 7 of CiLCA if pre 2012.The Council must confirm its eligibility at every annual meeting after ordinary elections. 

12.0 Annual Return

12.1 To approve the annual governance statement section 1 (enclosed)

12.2 To approve the accounting statements section 2 (enclosed)                                                                   

13.0 Planning Applications – Sefton’s weekly list email, also available on Sefton Council’s website. 

14.0 To discuss and resolve the following:

14.1 To determine whether the market should return for 20181
14.2 To approve the Neighbourhood Plan for submission to Sefton for the 2nd stage consultation
14.3 To approve the dates for the Annual Calendar of Meetings 2018-19 (enclosed)
14.4 To approve the Investment Strategy as detailed in the Finance Minutes
14.5 To approve the renewal of the Insurance as per the Clerk’s report. 

15.0 To authorise Payments (enclosed) 

16.0 To receive the following reports – enclosed for information only   

Clerk’s report       
Environment Group minutes       
General Projects Group minutes       
Finance Group minutes 

17.0 Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 5 June 2018 to be held in the Meeting Room, Formby Library at 7pm 

Members of the press and public are cordially invited to attend