Call for views on proposals to help the NHS deliver its Long Term Plan

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As part of a national engagement exercise, NHS England and NHS Improvement have launched a call for views on how targeted amendments to the law could help local and national health organisations work together more effectively to improve services for patients.

The suggestions include changing the law to:

  1. • Encourage local health organisations to work more closely together, towards a shared goal of improving the health of the communities they serve, the quality of services, and the sustainability of the NHS;

  2. • Reduce delays and costs associated with current procurement processes, while maintaining patient choice and introducing a new ‘best value’ test to ensure value for money for taxpayers;

  3. Allow different health organisations – such as hospitals, groups of GPs and voluntary groups and social enterprises – to come together to provide joined-up services which better meet the needs of local people in partnership with local government, and;

  4. • Remove the barriers to greater coordination between the national NHS organisations, creating a single national voice for the NHS and making it easier to work together on the most important issues facing the health service, such as prevention, the workforce, and harnessing the opportunities presented by digital technology.

For further information about the proposals and how you and your stakeholders can get involved, visit NHS England’s website.