Sefton have not yet decided but it will have to be considered along with other costs during the budget making process. They may turn off some lights. I don't know yet.
But Sefton will be making major cuts/savings at a time of austerity. Perhaps at some time they will have the money to update the type of lights. We'll have to wait and see,

Sean Brady

With regards to the reduction of lighting, are the Council proposing to reduce the level of light at night time or just the number of street lights? The new LED ones are bright - are they able to replace two existing lights with one new one (or three existing with two new, for example).


I wonder if you could highlight the Dickensian Day that the CROSS HOUSE PUB, FORMBY is hosting this Saturday 8th December from 10am - 4pm please.

Lots of stalls and fun for Children including pony rides (weather permitting).

Sorry it's short notice but I've just come across your website, many thanks.

Siobhan Farnell

Hi Sean,

I have just noticed a trailer with a banner attached to it on the Formby by-pass. It is advertising the Car boot and fun fair. I think it said the 14th and 15th of July, readers might want to double check before heading to the event.



Hi Jim,

I'm afraid I've not heard any news about this year. I'll ask around for you. If anyone else can help, let us know,


Sean Brady

Hi Sean,

I am wondering if you could help to find any information on the car boot sale that takes place on Duke Street park. I know it happens around July but the internet is not throwing up much.

I know the fun fair also turns up at the venue and I think last years was in aid of Diabetes UK?

Many thanks for any help you can give.

I'm a relative newcomer to Formby (6 years). The planes drive me mad too. A couple of weeks ago they flew low over my garden 17 times in one half hour. Beyond a joke surely. I don't understand why they can't fly over the vast expanse of open countryside, beach and sea and give us some peace and privacy. Would anyone be able to recommend a good yoga class and ideas about combatting the dreadful hayfever caused by the pines? Thanks. Love the site.

Sean, congrats on the Guardian Blog and all the hits and tweets, YOU are one of the folk that IS putting Formby on the map and we hope that others will agree,see and do as you!

Thanks Ged, if you do nothing else this weekend go down to the beach via Fishermans path. High tide is at 12.18pm today. It's a marvellous sight and as the tide recedes you might spot the occasional basking seal.

Hi Sean... I would love to be part of the team but my wife is the keen gardener. (A little too keen :)). We have just moved in last month to a little house with a big garden... The house needs lots of work (an awful lot) but my wifes eyes were on the derelict garden and she has already forgotten about the house and is totally focused on that... even though we dont even have a kitchen at the moment! So I have my work cut out for a while... :) Maybe after I've been here a bit longer I wont even notice the aeroplanes.. with so much else around to distract me anyway... Been here just over the month and havent even had a chance to go to the beach or the Pinewoods (Though I have been before). Thanks for replying.

Thanks Ged, for all of your contribution. I agree with you in particular about the aircraft. I always feel they us my house as a turning point 'beacon'. But having lived here for exactly 40 years I've also noticed that sometimes they just fade into the background on many occasions and it's only a very low flying aircraft that really catches my attention! Thanks too for the comment on the web site.
Finally in anticipation of your next comment about the 'edible garden project', I'll add my response here, thanks, do you want to be part of the team?

Oh... and the Edible Garden project is a fabulous idea...

I would like a halt on Charity shops too...I think we have enough now. I feel the existing ones need to give more back to the community. Be part of the community...

I certainly think the Tourist information idea is great and particularly the location proposed. Its difficult to see how to improve Formby to bring in more revenue without losing some of its charm. I like the Independant retailers. I like that there aren't too many Chain stores. I like that we have M&S and Waitrose and smaller chained clothes shops, but not a high street full on 'known' retailers like mobile phone shops.

Being a miserable old bloke who likes his peace and quiet, I don't particularly want Skate parks, though I do think the younger generation of the area need something else other than the rural beauty to visit and though I'd like to see more regular leafy parks... where would you put them?

The only thing that drives me nuts about living in Formby is the aeroplanes... Every Saturday and Sunday. the noise from them shatters the solitude of the garden. I wish there were some restrictions in place regarding height and frequency of these pleasure and training sessions.

I like the social aspect of the coffee shops... I'm surprised that they aren't a draw for our youngsters rather than an irritation. I never use them myself but I like seeing people interacting with each other whilst having a coffee.

The site is brilliant by the way...

Hi Mrs Slater,

A big thank to you and your students for all the ideas. I'll make sure that they are heard when the Parish Council comes to review it's plan for the village. As to the freecycle idea Ill have think about how we can take that forward. Some of us working to set up the edible garden project would be keen to look at the idea. In the meantime I will continue to view your blog at: to see what you are all up to next.

Hi Sean and all my fabulous students!

Some of the ideas above are very interesting and look sustainable both economically and environmentally. Watching the '...other things you can do on your high street' slides was thought provoking. I love the freecycle idea! We should definitely have a freecycle friday? Our students and their families would love to be involved.

All the best and good work everyone,

Mrs Slater

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment. A lot of people tell me that they like the idea of a market on a regular basis. Some want a farmer's market, some a continental market and others have suggested a craft fair/market. I personally believe the idea has a lot of merit but some local traders worry about the potential disruption to their trade.
Perhaps the way forward would be to 'test' the idea with a limited series of events. Another issue for traders is the fact that the 'big headline' events in Formby happen on a Saturday rather than a Sunday and again they argue it hits their trade in the crucial run-up to Christmas. Should Dickensian Day and the Christmas Nativity be moved to a Sunday?

I think that Formby Village should set up a continental market every couple of months because I know that a lot of people haven't left Europe or even the UK so this means they haven't experienced different cultures, environments or food. If they have, it probably would have been from commercial, chain businesses where the real essence of different cultures is lost. Plus, it gives everyone a chance to talk to new people. In my opinion, I think this could possibly bring the community together and will appeal to all ages.

Scott I like this idea a lot but I have to confess that I own several bikes and regularly cycle around Formby. Thanks for your comments.

Ah, now that's likely to a controversial view, thank you Charlie. Good for you in being brave enough to express it.

I think Formby could benefit with a push bike hire center where people of all ages can go and hire a bike for the day or however long they want it for and I think this will build the economy up in formby and maybe more tourists will come to Formby.
also this will be more fuel efficient as more people won't use there car or the bus but will hire a bike.

I'm not sure I agree with Will and Grace, I mean, chain stores seem to be quite a popular attraction in the village, like waitrose and iceland, I mean, maybe we could become more popular if we had a few more chain stores...

Thanks Jorjia for your comment. I'm interested in what both you and Ellie would think might be appropriate and popular facilities for younger people particularly in the village. Any suggestions?

I agree with Elli, i think there should be less coffee shops and more shops for younger people as there are many schools around the village and many students enter the village before or after school.:D

Thanks Ellie, you've reminded me of when I was younger and my experience of the local high street. I can't remember much for younger people under say the age of 12. But I can remember the excitement when a 'coffee bar' opened. That was where all the teenagers wanted to hang out! Mind you I am talking of the time when Elvis Presley was the top pop star - shows you my age.
Nonetheless, you've got point about appropriate provision for young people in the village. Once again, thanks.

I also agree with Grace and I think that Formby village would benefit from having less coffee shops and more places geared towards younger people in the community, such as a music shop, a youth center or possibly a skate park in Formby.

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